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Digital Constructions has evolved from the work I have been involved in for over a decade and I hope will represent the future of many things.

At the time of registration I was designing and building data networks for a number of employees, from investment banks through to leading media companies. It was during a period where data networks were starting converge with voice and before long I found myself doing the same work in both data and voice.

Later I used the Digital Constructions name to work freelance implementing the above work for a number of small design studios and the alike.

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But throughout all of this work I had a creative vein that I wasn't able to address in my day to day work. Whilst some of the people I found myself working for were in the creative arena themselves and I would become involved in the creative process at the time, I didn't feel I had any real creative outlet personally.

Recently, after my personal life forced me to work from home for a period of time, I have crossed trained to incorporate into my existing skill set of delivering technology projects a working knowledge of XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and a number of graphics packages. With the aim of using Digital Constructions as an outlet for my creative urges!

My cross training has paid off and I am now working full time for a digital media agency helping them deliver their projects across a range of interesting clients. Taking the leap from Infrastructure to full time digital media

Digital Constructions is now a platform for encompassing all of my digital interests and in addition a "Playpen" for my developing skills in Internet Technologies.

Incorporated within these pages you will find Digitised/Digital Photography, some textual work I have been bottling up for a while and a number of personal interests and general brain dumps.

I've got some new projects running around my brain at the moment that hopefully I should be able to define and getting working on in here in the near future

I hope you enjoy the site, feel free to contact me should you wish via the contact page. I am currently working on a comments facility for all of the content, once this is available please use this.

Oh on one final note, please view this site in Firefox rather than IE or other lesser browsers, the site has a few issues at the moment with browsers that don't meet current CSS standards, I am working on these hacks.